Meet Megan

Hello! Megan here. Apologies for taking so long to introduce myself.

I am quickly approaching 30, and up until recently, was an art educator. I am now part owner and creator here at Garden Baby. I am also half creator of our one-and-a-half year old mascot, Kipp. The other creator of our little monkey is my husband, Thom.


Kipp is nothing less than our sun and all of our stars. We have strong beliefs in how we want to bring him up in the world. We are vegan, so we don't consume or wear anything derived from animals. I am going on my fourth year of veganism, had a healthy vegan pregnancy, and am raising a vegan toddler. Sure, we hear the term "hippie" a lot. We DO eat a ton of turmeric. So it's not UNtrue.

 The kid loves jackfruit.  

The kid loves jackfruit.  

Throughout my life, I have been asked why quite often. So, why am I doing this vegan thing? Why am I starting a business with family? Why am I resigning from teaching? Why am I doing this being so unsure of what the outcome will be?

For one, I strongly believe in what we are doing at Garden Baby is right - handmaking organic clothing for your littles. Right for your baby, right for the planet. I found it incredibly challenging to find sweet, organic baby boy clothing during my pregnancy. Trust me, I practically turned Etsy upside down looking for it. 

For two, why not work for myself, with people I hold so dearly in my heart? I mean, that's not even a question, right? There is so much joy in watching a homemade business grow with people you love most.

 mama bird + baby bird  

mama bird + baby bird  

For three, and most importantly, I get to raise my son full time. Most women don't have the opportunity to do this. The moment my son came into this world, I knew that he was where I belonged. I had to return to teaching six weeks after Kipp was born with the task of raising 120 students that were somewhat unappreciative (surprise! or not, as thirteen year-olds go). Again, I returned to teaching the following year. Around Christmas of 2016, this Garden Baby idea was born, and we ran with it. We worked endless hours, as Staci, Alex, and I all had other jobs (and still do). But, here we are. Garden Baby is growing, and I am no longer teaching. I know I have to do this with all of my energy if we are going to make it work.

Now, we are nurturing it, still working endless hours, impatiently awaiting our storefront to open at the beginning of September. Things are really moving quickly around here - we hope you'll stay tuned.  

Be well.