A Visit Home

I don't get to go home very often. Since I have moved to New York, I see my family only about twice a year. Being so far bums me out, but it makes the trips worth it, even though they are always long hours of travel and a strain on my bank account. At some point, FaceTime just doesn't cut it anymore, and you have to bite the plane ticket (or dip into the credit card points) and see your mama.  

This visit, timely as it was, my parents were hosting an engagement party for a good family friend. So my first night back I got to see everyone in one place! As luck would have it, they all came to me, and a good time was had by all. Especially at the Sundown Tavern. You can't expect less from the only bar in town.  


 Mama at The Sundown

Mama at The Sundown

Since I'm running this online operation remotely from Brooklyn, I rarely get to see all the GB products in real life. It's crazy to put so much work into something and be so far away. Finally seeing all the items in person just affirms the hours of figuring out how to run this thing, cuz man 'oh man, do Megan and Mom work hard. Lucky for me I can't sew worth a hoot, so they couldn't work me dry during my vacation. Though I did manage to take some sweet photos of our friend Sarah Kathryn (who was a dream model, let me tell you - see below). 


 Sarah Kathryn in our organic (!) Love Bird Tee,  Blossom Bottoms , and  Flora headband

Sarah Kathryn in our organic (!) Love Bird Tee, Blossom Bottoms, and Flora headband

  Poppy dress  in Dragon Fly 

Poppy dress in Dragon Fly 

You might notice Miss Sarah Kathryn is sporting our new (!) organic (!) screenprinted Love Bird tee in cream. As a company (and family), we feel it's necessary to commit to buying organic materials whenever possible. Though adorable, our grey onesies and tees currently on the site are not organically produced -- we were having a hard time finding organic wholesalers in a reasonable price point. But good news! We found one, and we will now be moving all of our screenprints to organic materials going forward. For this reason we'll be putting all of our grey items on sale so we can make room for the organic cream products. Keep an eye out on our Instagram for the sale announcement! 

 The Shop! Coming soon to 200 N. Vienna in downtown Ruston.  

The Shop! Coming soon to 200 N. Vienna in downtown Ruston.  

It is a lovely thing to come home and see how things have grown with Garden Baby and the store opening. It is another thing entirely to track the growth of Kipp the Mascot, who has managed to grow into an actual string bean (99th percentile of height in his age group ?!). He's become so smart and curious, it's wild to me that only last time I saw him was merely a crawling blob.

Now he's a sentient little man, politely asking to be picked up and shuttled to every light switch or fan in the house, trying to figure out which switch makes which things turn on. Much to everyone's delight, it seems we might have an electrical engineer on our hands. Maybe next time I see him he'll be 6 feet tall and able to install dimmer switches. That would be useful.

 Kipp pondering the light fixtures at Athena's in Shreveport. 

Kipp pondering the light fixtures at Athena's in Shreveport. 

I guess I'll find out in 6 months, when I get to make another visit. Until then, FaceTime will have to suffice.