Around the Corner


We have had a very cold winter for Louisiana, and the thought of sleeveless tops and sandals is a relief from heavy coats, scarves, and layers. Our southern houses and bodies are not built to withstand long periods of cold temperatures. My winter flip flops are still in my closet, longing to escape!

Fabrics for spring are being cut and sewn, with so many more amazing fabrics due any day. We are sewing as fast as we can, along with clearing out winter merchandise from the shop. The fabric shipments bring a sense of excitement for Megan and me – the process of turning our vision into actual clothing pieces. We have lists of items and which fabrics will be used for specific designs. We think that we know exactly what we are making, but sometimes the fabrics tell us what needs to be made. Our list changes.

My mother, who the kids call Sugar, has also been on the hunt for more white table linens that she finds at estate sales. We have a lot of fun repurposing the linens into unique items. Last season we made a beautiful halter blouse, so well hopefully see a few more of those this season! We are thinking of making those into dresses, also - what do you think?

For the first time ever – our list of fabrics for boys is longer than the girls list!!! We started Garden Baby because of our sweet little Kipp, so I guess that is fair.


Speaking of Kipp – he turned two recently – time flies. He learns new words at an alarming speed, and repeats everything, which can sometimes be dangerous around here. Megan and I have both become very aware of words that are often blurted out when we stick ourselves with a pin. He enthusiastically greets every customer who walks thru the door, with a very loud HELLO! It makes everyone smile as he runs to the front, usually bare-footed with avocado and hummus smeared on his face. He invites everyone to sit in the floor and play with the Plan Toy line we have on display, and gets especially excited when special, grown-up friends, like Aunt Kiki, plop down beside him on the concrete floor to sort wooden bees and feed the toy frog.


Life is good in Ruston, things are changing and growing here in such a sweet way. Tons of events coming up for us: Spring Artfest in Monroe, Ruston Maker’s Fair, Ruston Farmer’s Market AND Ruston Fashion week!!! We will have all of those details next time – until then,

Much love and peace,