Summer of Rainbows

It finally feels like summer here in Louisiana after a dreadfully cold winter.  I couldn’t wait for this weather in February, but as my belly grows our second garden baby, I seriously wonder what I was wishing for!

As some of you may already know, Thom and I are expecting our second baby, our first girl, this fall.  We are so excited (okay, okay, especially me)!! There is always so much to do before a new baby comes into your life, and this time is a little different as I have a two-year-old being, well, a two-year-old.  Kipp seems excited about having a sister, although I don’t think he fully understands just what that means.  He says her name, and can tell you where she lives, and it’s really cute.

Luckily, I’ve been saving ends of bolts of my most favorite Garden Baby fabrics in hopes that I would get to make girl clothes for my own baby one day.  Her closet should be pretty well stocked once she arrives. 


On the subject of fabrics, let’s talk about our rainbow fabric that all of us mamas love so!  We have three bolts on their way to us now.  Some of you have placed orders with this fabric, and know that it will be made immediately as we receive the fabric.  If you are interested in this sweet rainbow print, just check in with us as to when it arrives.  We will, of course, post to our social media accounts when it’s here.  Just a little advice – you may want to snatch it up quickly, as it will go fast!

In our last bit of exciting news: we have been nominated by Bayou Life Magazine as one of the community’s favorite children’s shops! We hope you’ll go out and vote for us (and your other favorites around town) through their Facebook page! It’s such an honor and joy to be a part of this community, and we’re grateful for all the support we see every day.