Planning For Fall (and it's only June!)

Summer has arrived full-force in Ruston, Louisiana!  As the heavy, humid summer air surrounds us, we are thinking ahead to Fall 2018. We are expecting our first fall shipments in a few short weeks, so that means we are also planning what our little Garden Baby brand will look like when autumn comes our way.  We are adding a couple of new fabric vendors, and we are super excited about one specific print that will be fun for boys and girls. We are bringing back our Dragonfly leggings, which customers say were the best fitting leggings they have found, along with our Firefly romper in new colors, and a few new designs that we are still perfecting.   

 Dragonfly leggings in Slate knit

Dragonfly leggings in Slate knit

On a personal note, we celebrated my hubby, Gary’s, 63rd birthday this weekend.  We had a sweet gathering of friends at our home for lunch, which my mother-in-law, Erma, prepared – all of our comfort food favorites – Chicken and dumplings, black-eyed peas, two different types of cornbread, collard greens, salads, roasted veggies, quinoa and wild rice, squash AND finished it off with an Italian Cream Cake!!  It was quite a feast, so much so, that we just had ice cream for dinner tonight – we couldn’t bring ourselves to prepare anything else! Lol 

My youngest son, Jackson, and his adorable wife, Paige, also moved from Ruston to start their own new adventure in Pilot, VA.  They are living on a farm that grows produce and Christmas trees, and they also build yurts.  They are almost finished with the construction of the yurt that they will call home!  Pretty cool training if you ask me – you have to live in the first project that you complete.  I am thankful they are being adventurous together, but I do miss them showing up at my house for dinner or to sit on the front porch and chat!

It's wild that it's only June, and here we are, preparing for fall already. It's very helpful that we have an extra set of hands this summer, our first intern, Emily Leibowitz! You can read a bit about her here, and we're excited to welcome her to the Garden Baby family this summer. There's lots to be done, and we're thrilled for what's next. 

Love and peace, Staci


Hello everyone! My name is Emily Leibowitz, and I am interning here at Garden Baby this summer! I am so delighted to be a part of the Garden Baby team.
Here’s a little bit about me: I am currently finishing my degree in fashion merchandising and product design at the University of Arkansas. Designing and making clothing are two of my favorite things, so I am having a blast in the workroom! I am all about creativity and working with my hands. I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a little girl, and I am very happy to be pursuing that dream.
Spending the summer at Garden Baby is such a wonderful opportunity. The brand is beautiful and well curated, and everything is either organic or fair trade, so I feel really good about sharing these products with the community. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here and all the new experiences ahead!