Dreaming of Spring

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I have lived in Louisiana my entire life and have become accustomed to the warm humidity of the South.  In fact, I have grown to love it – so much so that I really don’t know what to do when have a winter this cold (it has been in the teens here!).

Although this cold weather makes me want to do nothing more than cuddle with Kipp and wrap up in blankets with a hot cup of coffee, we have so much to do to prepare for spring at Garden Baby.  We have been ordering our fabrics and getting our patterns ready.  I thought for sure we wouldn’t find any fabrics more perfect than what we started with last spring, but I was wrong!  We have found the most beautiful fabrics for both boys and girls for next season, and we have started creating our spring/summer line.


Starting to design and sew the spring line gives me such hope that warmer weather is on its way, and that we will soon see our garden babies in their bubbles and blossom bottoms.  Spring brings new life and new vision: we will continue using some of the same patterns we used last year, but we’ve added several new patterns – maxi dresses and new boy bubbles!

 Kipp has to act as seamstress, model, and moral support in the work room. 

Kipp has to act as seamstress, model, and moral support in the work room. 

We are also starting to plan events for our space and events that we will participate in so that we can continue to grow in our community and surrounding communities.  We will be participating in Ruston Maker’s Fair again this spring – which some of you may remember – is where we got our start last April.  We will also be set up at the Ruston Farmer’s Market again! We had so much fun at these events in the past, and can’t miss the opportunity to be a part of them again. If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll swing by! We’ll send the word out when these events get closer.

Meanwhile, it is still winter.  So come see us in the shop and give us hugs to help us get through this cold weather.  Spring is close, and we are so ready.