Welcome to the Garden Baby blog!

I'm your host, Alex. Apologies for the long, long overdue introductions! We've been working away getting everything up and running. Time flies when you're having fun, so I'm told. 

A little about Garden Baby: we started this brand because it's remarkably difficult to find environmentally low-impact children's wear. When my sister-in-law Megan, gave birth to my nephew, Kipp, she had a hard time finding clothes and products that weren't riddled with chemical dyes and generally yucky things she didn't want Kipp consuming or wearing. Let alone clothes that weren't shipped thousands of miles to make it to a shelf. 

 Kipp in the Firefly Romper in Moon.

Kipp in the Firefly Romper in Moon.

Lucky for her, my mother, Staci, has been seamstressing her whole life through, so it was easy to start making clothes for Kipp out of materials everyone felt a little more comfortable with - all organic cotton, veggie dyed inks, constructed to be comfy, made in the U.S. Lets be real: baby clothes end up in the mouths of babes more often than not. It would be nice to have some chew-friendly wear that also happens to be adorable. What started as a couple of outfits for Kipp launched into a full blown line, and before we knew it, Megan and Staci were sewing full size runs and called me to say: hey, you're a millenial, can you make us a website? 

So I built the website from my shoebox in Brooklyn. Then we got so excited, we got a building! In the span of 7 months, Garden Baby went from a tiny little idea of cozy, organic rompers to a literal brick and mortar store (opening in late summer/Fall '17, y'all - get ready!). The store will be at 200 North Vienna Street in downtown Ruston, Louisiana. Right now it is in the early processes of being renovated, but we'll come to post pictures as things start coming together. 

And that's the origin story. Sorry it took so long to get it here. With only two ladies designing and sewing and another a few thousand miles away in New York blogging, it took a while for lift off. But that's a story for another day. 

Welcome to the site! We hope you'll stay a while.